Recently in Israel I visited many of the sites Yashayah once walked: Bethlehem, Nazareth, Gethsemane, Tiberius, Capernaum, the Temple Mount, the Sea of Galilee, the Via Dolorosa, Golgotha and the Garden Tomb.

While in Jerusalem in the summer of 2013, a Muslim guide took Dr. Mata to the serene, privately owned Garden Tomb location.  What was surprising was that there were but a handful of people to be found throughout the beautiful tree-lined grounds.  Once he walked around, he knew, without the slightest bit of doubt, it had to be the true place of Yashayah’s crucifixion, burial and resurrection once owned by the wealthy Yosef of Arimathea.  Every key element of the bible story is to be found there.from the unmistakabl
The Golgotha skull on the escarpment to the tomb hewn from solid rock with the gutter running alongside the exterior floor level where a large circular stone could be rolled to seal it.  He was truly moved as he knelt and prayed alone within the tomb where the Messiah lay within the shroud that would later reveal His astounding miracle of resurrection to the modern world that continues to astound and baffle scientists today.

Afterwards, his guide took him to the 14 stations of the Via Dolorosa where they eventually wound up at the Holy Sepulchre church, long believed to be the place of Jesus crucifixion, resurrection and ascencion to heaven.
Sepulchre church, long believed to be the place of Yeshaya's crucifixion, resurrection and ascencion to heaven.The place was packed with throngs of visitors that lined up anxiously to venerate the various points of the Messiah's crucifixion and kiss His supposed resting slab.  With no archeological experience, Emperor Constantine’s mother amazingly “discovered” the supposed locations some 400 years after the fact.  Be it for good intentions or simply to give her son’s newly adopted state religion some credibility, which Dr. Mata believes, he knew it could not be the right place.  It didn’t feel right to him. It seemed all too contrived he felt.  He adds, "I couldn’t help but feel I was in a building at a theme park replete with sullen Orthodox Christian priests in full garb".  While waiting in line at the supposed ascension point and later at the alleged crucifixion sight, he old several women to be sure to visit the Garden Tomb which they had not yet gone to see.  He told them they should not leave Jerusalem until they would see for themselves that it was in fact the genuine location. 

Dr. Mata believes the experience at both places served as a moment of epiphany and perspective because it revealed how the masses are lured by the gaudy, grandiose settings of Christian tradition and only a few make their way to the humble setting that was the true scene of the Messiah’s great triumph over death.  Such as it will be on the day of Judgment:  the masses who followed the glitz of pagan doctrines will head to the slaughterhouse while only a remnant who lived by the Word of God will find their way to the House of Elohim.

Ron Wyatt – the real-life Indiana Jones

The incredibly profound experience in Jerusalem led Dr. Mata to further investigate the Garden Tomb site once he had returned to China. His attention was drawn to an archeologist named Ron Wyatt. As he looked at his videos on YouTube, he made the connection to one of his finds in Mt. Sinai a friend of his in Mexico who had emailed him as an attachment of text and images over a year earlier which was written in Spanish. With heightened interest, he looked at each discovery Wyatt made: Noah’s Ark, Mt. Sinai, the Red Sea Crossing, Sodom & Gomorrah and the Ark of the Covenant which brought me full circle to the Garden Tomb. "He had struck me as a genuinely righteous man – perhaps the greatest I had come to know of in modern times" claims Dr. Mata.

His discoveries brought to life and iron-clad belief of the amazing and once hard-to-believe accounts Dr. Mata had read in the Bible. Based on his experiences in life, he had become distrustful of people and their intentions. Being a skeptic at heart, Ron Wyatt earned Dr. Mata's trust and respect. He never sought wealth from these finds which made him respect him ever moreso  – he simply wanted to empower believers faith and convert unbelievers to God.  Dr. Mata believes God chose this righteous man to find these sites to prove to the people of this generation who have become God-less and lost their way to rekindle their faith in the Word of 
God the Father. This would explain why God had chosen him to bring to life to the masses today the reality of great biblical events many had considered to be just fables.  Enter "Archaeology" to view his videos of his amazing the Word of God the Father. This would explain why God had chosen him to bring to life to the masses today the reality of great biblical events many had considered to be just fables.  Enter "Archaeology" to view his videos of his amazing discoveries.

Dr. Mata Torres recalls thinking and wishing how much he would have loved to be a part of and participate in one of Ron Wyatt's explorations and adventures.
Sadly, Ron Wyatt had passed away since 1999, but Dr. Mata Torres nonetheless contacted regarding his then confusion as to the precise crucifixion site at the Garden Tomb locale which had been unearthed but not pointed out to by the guide during his visit there.  Incredibly, after some conversations on the topic, mention of being a a University Professor at  prestigious Zhejiang University in Hangzhou, China, led to an opportunity to source and coordinate the translation of Ron Wyatt’s DVD’s to Mandarin thru his connections there. The video would be launched on YouTube and China’s highly popular Baidu video sharing website to reach the masses.  Dr. Mata Torres accepted no compensation for it, instead letting his student receive the full project fee.

The Mandarin DVD project would then connect Dr. Mata Torres to the staff at Wyatt where the Wyatt Archeological Research team is located to inquire about the blood type Wyatt had claimed to have found along the underground crevice that led from the crucifix to the ark some 20ft below. If known, he had hoped that it would make a match with the blood type found on the Sudarium and Shroud of Turin.  After viewing their DVD releases of the new team’s recent excavations and several interesting discussions, Dr. Mata Torres has been extended an invitation to join them in their next exploration of the Ark of the Covenant in Jerusalem.