Just as his heavenly Father has so generously blessed him, Dr. Mata Torres gives what he can in return to his fellow man. He has spoken to many unbelievers in China about the Father and Messiah, converted several Sunday worshipers to keep Shabbat and published numerous websites concerning the Word of God.  Click here to visit The Nazarene Code website.

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Testimonials From the 4 Corners of the World

              I have found your website and my soul is singing!  Please send me your pdf version
         Praise Jesus I have found you! God bless!
                                                                                                                      Your Brother in Christ,
                                                                                                                       Francis - USA

Although I'm an unbeliever (in God) I'm intrigued by your experiences and what you have explored
           and found. In fact, your perseverance in your conviction and the way you practice it inspires me.

(Karen Chan)
                                                                                                                                                     University student - China

                                                                                                                                                                                                       GOD BLESS
                                                                                                                                                                                                       PERTH CITY, AUSTRALIA

               Es muy interesante lo que haces, el mundo necésita muchas gente como vos, eres una persona bendecida,
           lo digo en el sentido del don del servicio al prójimo."

               English translation:
               It's very interesting what you're doing, the world needs more people like you, you are a blessed person,
           I mean
in the sense of the gift of service to others."


I checked out your web page and it is very interesting - Thank you for your research! So much to learn about
           Abba and to purge out the lies I was taught in christianity.

                                                                                                                                                        Brie - Messianic
                                                                                                                                                        Austin, Texas

            Thank you for your nice thought. I am looking at your web page The Nazarene Code.  Looks interesting.
         Copenhagen, Denmark

I am going to start your book today because it looks like the knowledge I have been hungering for.
Emily B. - Adventist

Blessings to you this morning,
           Just a quick note to say your writings are thought provoking and inspirational!
Lynda S.
                                                                                                                                                         United Kingdom

              "This looks like a very interesting study."
                                                                                          Bible Scrolls International, LLC

            I looked up Nazarene Code and read through the first few chapters. Really enjoyed what I read! I have a son that went
            to Andrew University and from the training he received he now considers himself more of an atheist. He needs to
            read your book.
                                                                                                                                                           God bless, Pearl

Since I began reading "The Nazarene Code" my eyes have become glued to my laptop screen. Thank you
           for devoting those 5 years and allowing your book to be so accessible to everyone. What a blessing!
           I've sent the link to several of my friends. I'm sure when they begin reading we'll have many hearty discussions. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                Melody G., SDA
                                                                                                                                                            Ft. Lauderdale, Florida


                                   This publication is dedicated to my heavenly Father and His Son the Messiah
                                whose revelation to the way, the truth and the eternal life has been made possible.


Dr. Jorge Mata Torres' breakthrough research uncovers 14 scriptures - 7 in the NT and 7 in the Revelation that proves HOW TO and WHO WILL enter Heaven for Sainthood by keeping the faith the Messiah taught His disciples to follow, the TRUE names of the Father and Son  to have on our forehead on Judgment Day, and the revelation of the false gospel that has deceived THE WHOLE WORLD.

Imagine taking the bible that you think you know all you need to know about it and it becomes brand new. Imagine that much, if not most everything you've been told by academic theologians, priests, pastors, etc is untrue.  Imagine knowing that producers of movies and programs like the History Channel have an agenda to outwardly appear to defend the bible but ultimately undermine the Word of God and the account of the Messiah. Imagine discovering most revered "saints" are not saints based on the Word of God. Imagine taking an interest in subjects like archaeology, history, linguistics and science you never cared about before. Imagine that stories that seemed mythical are proven to have happened.  Imagine that science actually proves the existence of God the Father and the Son. This is what happened to me and I'm certain will happen to you IF you have an open mind and have a passion for the truth.

Unfortunately, most people can't handle the truth about their religious belief systems.
Unfortunately, they are too programmed by years of religious indoctrination despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary to even give it some consideration. That begs the question - if thousands of religious leaders and billions of followers over time are so convinced they are right about their religion why then are we told by God Himself the whole world is deceived?  Obviously, most everyone is wrong about what their religion is teaching them. I know I was wrongfully taught before. Consider the possibility that you might be among those that have been misled - the odds are not in your favor.  That means that there is a fragment, a remnant, of the world that is on the right path according to what God wants. Who are they?  What are they doing?  The Nazarene Code answers these questions and much, much more. In fact, you will experience a paradigm shift in your spiritual compass and world view once you;ve gone thru the publication and viewed and read its links.

You will find that the proof that formulates The Nazarene Code keeps the Word of God from the Father and the Son THEY SPOKE as recorded by the prophets and TRUE apostles and is further supported by FACTS: Archaeological facts, Historical facts, Linguistic facts, Scientific facts, and Scriptural facts that will reveal to you how all the pieces fit from Genesis to Revelation which will have you reconsider your belief system
regardless if you are a believer or unbeliever of the bible. Once you see the "Big Picture" you'll then see how the elements of
the Old Testament, New Testament and Book of Revelation intertwine in a very unique and profound way. The content in every page is intrinsically connected to every other page so make the time to read each one to better grasp their profound  message which becomes compellingly clear and obvious as it relates to the whole.
If you enjoy accounts of intrigue, the paranormal and prophecy, you will thoroughly enjoy The Nazarene Code.  The beauty of this endeavor I've embarked upon is that it never ends - the more I learn, the deeper and deeper it takes me to discover new things. It's literally an on-going treasure hunt.

What you will find has nothing to do with judging your character as a human being or belief in God - it is instead about The Path you are on to be with Him. No doubt you believe you on the correct path but so do billions of others have in the past as there are billions of others now. If everyone were right the whole of humanity would be flooding into the Kingdom of heaven which simply cannot be the case given scripture tells us only a remnant will enter thru the narrow gate. Obviously, and sadly, that means almost everyone is (eternally) dead wrong about their beliefs.

For unbelievers, my heartfelt plea goes out to you to reconsider your position - ALL of God's prophecies have come to pass so far and whether you like it or not, world history and the coming Tribulation are precisely following a scripted design written by the prophets and the Messiah of the Bible and we don't have much time left.
The Nazarene Code is a Wake-Up Call before the End of Days for you before the Tribulation which a secret cabal is making certain it materializes for ulterior motives (click here).  After you read The Nazarene Code, you should be able to identify who the true saints are and will be and who the mystery school luciferian cabal is and their church made up of genocidal, idolotrous, pagan and perverted individuals that preach a heretical gospel that has sprung thousands of illegitimate offspring. This unholy church is in alliance with those of the synagogue of satan that controls the welfare of humanity - both of whom the Messiah warns of in His revelation to Yohanan.


You owe it to yourself to read, at the very least, the entire Home Page - Chapters 1 & 2 - then you can never claim you were not aware or was never told what was required to enter the kingdom of heaven - not that those excuses are going to help you any on Judgment Day as you will soon discover.  A challenge is made to anyone anywhere to disprove any of the claims made regarding the scriptural basis for sainthood found in The Nazarene Code. Since it was published over a year ago and after challenging some leading "celebrity" religious of different denominational leaders, congregations and organizations, not one has. In fact, they've been silent on the subject which speaks volumes.

Furthermore, I challenge you to read every chapter till the Conclusion and still have the same belief mindset you had prior to reading The Nazarene Code. This is not born out of arrogance but rather to bring to your awareness
how conclusive and solid is its foundation, how much factual information has been denied and kept from all of us for two millennia and how poorly educated we've been on the most important subject of all - the knowledge and  worship of God.

"The Bible is a book that has been read more and examined less than any book that ever existed."
--Thomas Paine (Author, 1737-1809)

Enter Thru the Narrow Gate
Each chapter of the site contains little known and surprising if not life-altering facts so take time to read and investigate each one in order to know precisely what The Nazarene Code is in its entirety. You will likely discover and learn far more than you've been taught your entire life about the bible so much of it will be overwhelming. Arriving at an understanding of The Nazarene Code was a process of intense research over five years after a lifetime of unanswered questions, confusion, and contradictions about God, how we are to serve Him and ultimately, how to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.
Do not dismiss this message the instant you disagree with something you encounter - you will only deny yourself the opportunity to discover profound connections the Father and Son laid out from the beginning of creation to the new heaven for those who keep THEIR WORD. Much, if not most, of what you will find herein will not "comply" with what you've been taught or told for so many years.  I say this because of personal experience based on the religion I once followed. My initial reaction was disbelief and incredulity until further research proved it to be true. So take it easy, step-by-step, and keep an open mind. Do the research and don't be afraid of the truth. There will be moments you will want to click away from the site the moment you disagree with some point(s) you may vehemently oppose - but I ask that you carry on with courage and passion for the truth because that is all that matters.


I can tell you from personal experience and from those who have discovered this truth that it will bring you far closer to God than you could have possibly imagined before.
So please do not take this as an indictment against your faith in God but rather against false doctrines being taught and the wrongful path which will take many to a dreaded place for all eternity. This publication was written for the love of my fellow man - inspired by a revelation God placed before me at the lowest point of my life which I share with you now because time is short and heaven is in fact a small and narrow gate we must earn to enter it in a manner we have not been taught or told.

The great prophet Isaiah speaks of only a remnant of Israel that will return and the Messiah in Matthew 7:12-14 warns
the gate is small, the way is narrow and few find it:

      Though your people be like the sand by the sea, Israel, only a remnant will return. Destruction has been decreed,
      overwhelming and righteous.
Isaiah 10:22

       12"In everything, therefore, treat people the same way you want them to treat you, for this is the Law and the
13"Enter through the narrow gate; for the gate is wide and the way is broad that leads to destruction, and
      there are many who enter through it.
14"For the gate is small and the way is narrow that leads to life, and there     
      are few who find it
. Matthew 7:12-14
The above scriptures should tell you several things and likewise serve as a warning: Why will only a minute fraction of what was "Israel" will return to New Jerusalem and only those who enter the narrow gate will find life? Obviously, this means that tens of billions who claim connection as either physical or spiritual children who followed the "easy" way - the broad gate - WILL NOT enter the kingdom of heaven.  This should sound off alarm bells to all. This means that most are following a false gospel. There is a major worldwide religion with thousands of offshoots that has preached a false, simplified doctrine for eternal life which is the broad gate who many find.

Thus only a remnant few find the way thru the small and narrow gate to enter the kingdom of heaven
. If the above scripture doesn't convince you of how few will enter, perhaps this will put things in perspective.  While the bible does not tell us how many Hebrews were part of the Exodus, and numbers vary, it has been estimated that some 2.5 million consisting of the 12 tribes of Israel took part in the Exodus from Egypt. Revelation 7.5 tells us ONLY 144,000 of the sons of Israel - 12,000 from each tribe - will be the first fruits that will enter the kingdom.  That's only 5.7% of the entire estimated population of the Exodus. That's it. Mind you they were being led by the great prophet Mosheh at the time with the great acts of God performed before them. The percentage globally over 2000 years is not likely to be any greater than 5% either and quite possibly much lower. Considering that the nature of society has fallen so as in the days of Noah which the Messiah forewarned, the percentage of those entering the kingdom are at best a fraction of the global population since the creation of man.


THE WHOLE WORLD lies in The Evil One"1 John 5:19

                               "And the great Dragon was cast down, that Chief Serpent, which is called The Devil and Satan,
                        which deceives THE WHOLE WORLD,"
Revelation 12:9

Don't confuse faith with religion - they are NOT one and the same - they are two very separate things. The above scriptures should provide a huge clue as to which religion and its offspring this represents that covers the whole world. It's beginnings arose from a false gospel it universally preaches almost exclusively to THE WHOLE WORLD. Think about this - if what they proclaim were true, 100% of their followers representing tens of billions of people over 2000 years would enter heaven without need of a Judgment Day before the Messiah since they believe they have an "automatic pass". This obviously is NOT the narrow gate - it's as broad and wide as can be and clearly, the gate that most of the world will enter.

Just as the serpent deceived Eve - so too now the whole world is deceived - this comes from the word of the Messiah Himself. Remember He is also telling us only a remnant few will enter by way of the narrow gate. Clearly, one must fulfill something other than what most of humanity has been deceived to believe to enter the kingdom of heaven that will filter out the privileged elect from the whole world.
Sadly, despite the overwhelming evidence The Nazarene Code provides as to How To and Who will enter the kingdom of heaven, most will ignore it. For the love of God, don't be one of them.

The Name of the Father and the Son on the Saint's Foreheads
Revelation 14:1 and Revelation 22:4 provides other important clues that are extremely important regarding the 144,000 - they have the name of the Father and the Son on their forehead. Few people know the TRUE name of the Father and the Son because once again, THE WHOLE WORLD has been deceived to Their true names. Visit God's Name page for this revelation which will come as a very great surprise for most people.
The book of Revelation provides another amazing thing - the precise requirements we must keep for sainthood which is the centerpiece of The Nazarene Code. Take a moment and stop to think how often you hear scripture from the book of Revelation mentioned at your church?  So much is literally revealed in it they don't want you to know. Believing one has an automatic pass to heaven is a fatal assumption to make. A very deceitful gospel has been preached for nearly 2000 years proclaiming a lie which has furthermore substituted a pagan god's name for God the Father and a name that is NOT the Messiah's for salvation.

To date, no priest, pastor or messianic rabbi challenged has been able to contradict the scriptural findings and conclusions within this publication. This is not to boast but rather to demonstrate how sound the evidence presented is. That being said, follow the journey of discovery below and within the site to fully understand the impact and magnitude of its eye-opening revelations beginning in the Home Page to its thought-provoking Conclusion.
Once understood, you will clearly see the baseless foundations by which all other religions have been built upon and see precisely the message the Father and the Son laid out the Truth for us IN THEIR OWN WORDS  to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.


1. The purpose of this publication is to reveal to you the words of the Father and Messiah to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.
     Put your faith in THEIR WORDS AND THEIR CONSISTENT MESSAGE and NOT in those who contradict Them.
This is
     the first point for good reason and critical in understanding The Nazarene Code.

2.  Always go with the ORIGINAL version of the scriptures be it the Paleo Hebrew bible, the Targum Onkelos (the original
     Aramaic bible) or the Septuagint (LXX) the original Greek bible, when searching for the true, original names or a
     passage of scripture.

3. There is no gimmick, plot or ulterior agenda here - nothing being sold and no donations will be asked of you. No
     commissions or royalties are earned from any sites linked.
In fact, there is no charge for the .pdf version of the site either.
     Nor is there is any intention whatsoever of steering you to join some organized religionOnly God knows why He led
     me to discover "The Nazarene Code" which dramatically turned my life around immediately afterwards. Because of it,
     I feel a responsibility to share it with others at no cost because the Word of God has no price. Those that charge others
     and make millions, if not billions in monetary gain and take advantage of children, the poor, the disabled and the
     downtrodden disgust me to no end. Quite simply, I don't earn a penny from this publication nor from any sites or
     publications linked to whatsoever because my heart tells me that would be wrong. My modest income has come
     from teaching the last several years. My true reward comes from the outpouring of blessings from my heavenly Father
     in my well-being and knowing this publication has served to have others apply "The Nazarene Code" to their lives be it
     by empower the faith of those who already believe in God and help convert non-believers to the Word of God.
     If just one lost soul should find their way to the kingdom of heaven because of it, my life here on earth had purpose and
     that reward is priceless.

4.  Never assume anything. No one is assured a place in the kingdom of heaven. If such were the case, there would be no
     need for a Judgment Day. Even if you believe you have "heard and seen it all before" and "know" your ultimate outcome
     on Judgment Day, you don't. As you will discover, it's neither as automatic nor as easy as you have been led to believe.
     I certainly don't assume I have a pass either - in fact knowing precisely what is required makes my missteps ever more
     burdensome which is why I pray to my heavenly Father to forgive me every night and likewise, thank Him for everything
     He provides me on a daily basis.
  In my prayers I thank the Messiah for the message of His ministry and monumental
     sacrifice for all who believe in His Word, and the Holy Spirit - the Comforter - to guide and protect me in my journey thru
     life on earth. My consciousness of the Holy Spirit and awareness of the world we truly live in has been raised tenfold
     once I came into the revelation that changed my life 180 degrees - there is no question I'm a far better man for it and I
     genuinely care for others as I never did before. So don't assume - it will make you complacent and fall in the hands of
     the Evil One.

Set aside time to both read all the material in this site, the articles linked outside the site and view the videos posted -
     they have been set aside for special reason to convey the message of The Nazarene Code which is based on truth and
     honesty. No claim is made without support from experts and qualified source. Bear in mind when an article or video has
     been linked, no other material or views contained within that site, blog, publication or video is necessarily endorsed (see
     Terms of Use
. It is strongly recommended you return immediately to the page of this site you were viewing if you are
     directed to a link elsewhere in order for continuity and to stay "on topic".

As you read The Nazarene Code, open an additional browser alongside it to www.biblehub.com which is an excellent
     tool for looking up scripture from various bible versions, languages and interlinear sources.
Don't get stuck on following
     one bible only such as the King James version - look at the others as well. This is very important because many, if not
     most, hard and soft-cover bibles today have revised the wording and context which literally distort the true meaning
of the
     original scriptural versions.

7.  Last but not least, do not be afraid of the truth - Do the research. Trust nothing until you have seen the evidence for
     yourself. Much of what you will learn will go against what you've been taught, told or programmed thru constant
     indoctrination to believe - but if you have courage and passion for the truth you will find that there is no denying
     scripture and cold hard facts. Weigh the evidence and connect the dots - the truth and the obvious will emerge.

Let's get started.

                            Table of Contents

Chapter 1
   The  Revelation    Arriving at The Nazarene Code

Chapter 2   The Nazarene Code    God's Requirements to Enter Heaven

Chapter 3   God's Name     
The True Names of the Father and Messiah

Chapter 4   God's Law
           The Instruction for Life from God the Father

Chapter 5
   Science                    Science Proves the Existence of God and Divinity of the Messiah

Chapter 6  Prophecy               The Biblical, Buddhist,Vedic and Rabbinic Prophecies of the Messiah

Chapter 7
Lost Years            The Unspoken History of the Life of the Messiah

Chapter 8  
Archaeology         The Proof of Ancient Bethlehem, Nazareth and the Acts of God

Chapter 9  
Linguistics             The Meaning Behind the Name of God's Saints

Chapter 10
  Natsray              The History of the Nazarenes: The Branches of the Messiah

Chapter 11
Lawless Paul         The Unspoken Truths of the "13th apostle"

Chapter 12

Chapter 1

                   THE REVELATION

My ancestors were among the Sephardics in Spain persecuted for their faith and at the risk of death became conversos during the murderous campaign of the Roman Catholic Inquisition of 1492.  I carry the RH Negative blood factor which stems from my Sephardi origins. For generations my family on both sides of my parents with the exception of my grandfather who was a Freemason have been raised Catholic as were my brothers and I. In fact, three of my aunts served as Roman Catholic nuns with the Archdiocese in Mexico. 

Five years ago I came upon a revelation and an awakening that changed my life completely. Since the autumn of 2009
I have been overwhelmed with a showering of blessings AFTER discovering "The Nazarene Code" which includes acquiring my Ph.D., a 4 year run as a university professor in China, membership of the Bring Me Hope charity organization Chinese chapter to assist orphans, the financial resources to assist members of my family, donate to
victims of war, widows, senior citizens, the homeless, abandoned infants and children, and poor, the physically or mentally disadvantaged begging in the streets and to charitable organizations that apply most, if not all, of the donations to the intended causeIn addition I have been fortunate to travel to Australia, Egypt, Greece and Israel, make new friends worldwide, great health, a drama-free life, fulfilled a life-long fantasy to perform in public, compete once again athletically, amazing life adventures, certification as an Red Cross First Aid/CPR Instructor and Community Emergency Team (CERT) Member, a unique opportunity to source and liaison the translation of the great archaeologist Ron Wyatt's biblical discoveries from English to Chinese, an invitation to search the Ark of the Covenant and the writing of The Nazarene Code.

But it hasn't always been this way - in fact, it was quite the opposite.

Leading Bring Me Hope march Xinzheng, China