Giving Back

Just as his heavenly Father has so generously blessed him, Dr. Mata gives what he can in return to Him and his fellow man. He has spoken to many unbelievers in China about the Father and Yashaya, converted several Sunday worshipers to keep Shabbat and published numerous websites concerning the Word of God. Dr. Mata donates to the homeless and to charities for burn victims, children of war and widows worldwide and become a Red Cross Adult/Child/Infant CPR /First Aid /AED instructor and a Community Emergency Response Team member for the purpose of being more capable in helping others in times of crisis – inspired by the tragedy of seeing his father succumb to a stroke before his eyes while watching the grossly inept, if not negligent, response of paramedics who answered to his 911 emergency call.



He has given to charities over many years and participated
with the Bring Me Hope charity for orphanages in China.  Dr. Mata coordinated a fundraiser to purchase a hot water heater and fixing damaged solar panels so that the boys and girls could take warm showers at anytime when previously they would only bathe once a month at a remote location. The surplus raised has been used to cover their electric bills.

He has donated to many charities and most recently became member of the Bring Me Hope organization that provides company and assistance to orphanages worldwide. Below Dr. Mata is pictured with the Sunshine orphanage in China alongside the hot water heaters for the boys and girls washrooms he acquired thru a fund raiser he organized. Previously, the children bathed only once a month at a remote location for years