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'Preparing Students Today to Find Work Tomorrow'

Q: What is JobPrep?

A: JobPrep is the brainchild of Dr. Jorge Mata Torres, Ph.D., that is designed as a multi-faceted course for university students that provide an insight to what the future economic environment will be like, how it may affect the career choices they have chosen or not decided on, and how to best prepare for them from documents to the job interview.

JobPrep is a hard-hitting reality check ideal for high school and college students who have never had someone guide or teach them about finding the right career or preparing them for the rude awakening of the difficulties of getting employed after graduation.

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 Dr. Jorge Mata Torres, Ph.D., is a professor with over 10 years work experience at world-class universities in the North and South America and Asia and over 15 years in the corporate field managing world-class Fortune 500 companies.

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